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  • Very informative and explained everything without being patronising.


    The post print finishing book is also very good. I’ve been referring to both for multiple print jobs.”


    - Scott Pett

  • Ed, I read your book over and over again. Excellent information for this rookie.


    Keep writing!”


    - T. Gretsch

  • Hi Ed!


    Thank you so much for this book! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”


    - Dale Jones

More Testimonials On Ed Tyson's Guides:

Well - all I can say is "Wow!" An excellent addition to the collective 3D printing knowledge base."

- Scott Pett

I found the tips on the guide to be very useful. After reading, my prints are better than ever - so I thank you for the content!"

- Ash Boucher

Mr Tyson, I LOVE your content!


When reading it, it felt like a buddy of mine was throwing ideas out at me and then explaining them to me in a way that I totally get!


I think that you have put together a great format. 


Thank you!!!"

- Jefferson R. Short

Here's What You'll Receive:

  • My 8 "Commandments" For Perfect 3D Printing Design

    Design Easy-To-Print Parts - on page 33 onwards

  • The 13 Core Slicer Settings You Need To Tune Your Prints

    And How To Use Them - on page 43

  • The 3 "Optional" Printer Features That'll Actually Save You Time

    Learn What Makes The Difference - on page 22

  • Get My 5 Point Maintenance Checklist To Ensure Reliable Printing EVERY TIME

    No.4 & 5 Almost No One Thinks To Do! - on page 52

  • & Much More!

    + Plus Get Free Updates For Life

...ALL for just $4.80

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