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Hi there!


If you want to get your 3D printer to create perfect prints, that are strong enough to actually use, every single time - then this could be the most important letter you read today.


I’ll show you why in just a minute…

But First, A Disclaimer:

Please understand the print success examples I’m sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll get the same (or do anything, for that matter).


I have the benefit of practical 3D printing experience tuning and optimizing prints from the last 6 years on a host of different machines. 


My in-house team of experts have a combined 28 years of real experience across a total of 59 different models of 3D printer and we’ve built a following as a result.


The success you get from using this information will depend on your attitude to following processes and work ethic.


All 3D printing requires some patience and determination to get successful results. If you’re not prepared to do this, please DO NOT get this book.


Now that’s out of the way, let me show you…

Exactly What You're Getting...

  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Let’s start at the beginning. Discover the different types of 3D printer, pros and cons of each and what they’re used for - page 10.

  • Get the facts on how to choose the right printer for you with my unbiased buying guide - page 18.

  • I’ll show you what 3 “optional” printer features that’ll actually save you time and which are just gimmicks - page 22.

  • Learn the full process of going from idea, to design, to print (including choosing the right design software) - page 24 onwards.

  • IMPROVE YOUR PRINTS - Design your prints for maximum printability with my 8 “Commandments” for perfect printing design. Ignoring just one of these and your designs could be condemned to failure without you realising it - page 33 onwards.

  • The 4 reasons you shouldn’t use supports, and how to reduce (or eliminate) them in your prints - page 34.

  • My process to make sure printed moving components always work perfectly - page 36.

  • Discover these “hidden” design tweaks that significantly improve strength of your prints - page 37.

  • “Breakthrough” design tactic to ensure perfect layer adhesion on complex prints (and no it’s not a “Brim” or a “Raft”) - page 39.

  • WHICH SLICER? - I compare the top 3 Slicers, which one is my favourite and the key features that separate them - page 41.

  • The 13 core Slicer settings you need to tune your prints and how to use them - page 43.

  • The no.1 easiest & fastest way to improve finished print strength (and it has nothing to do with infill density) - page 46.

  • Let me walk you through the exact steps I use to correctly setup your print for that perfect first layer - page 50 onwards.

  • Get my 5 point maintenance checklist to ensure reliable printing EVERY TIME (points 4 & 5 almost no one thinks to do but they’re so simple yet effective you’ll be kicking yourself!) - page 52.

  • My two favorite ways to dramatically improve finish quality - page 58

  • Also included are different filaments compared and their uses, bed surfaces compared, 6 bonus frustration-saving tips (you won’t find anywhere else).

And much more!

All for just $4.80

And, in case you were wondering...

Here's what others have said about

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To 3D Printing:

  • Ed, I read your book over and over again. Excellent information for this rookie. Keep writing!”


    - T. Gretsch

  • Very informative and explained everything without being patronising.


    The post print finishing book is also very good. I’ve been referring to both for multiple print jobs.”


    - Andrew Elia

  • Hi Ed! Thank you so much for this book! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”


    - Dale Jones

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There’s no hidden additional products you have to buy, or anything like that.


This is my way of demonstrating real value upfront.


With all that said, there is ONE thing to bare in mind:

Time Is Short

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I actually lose money selling you the book at this price.


The reason being is because it costs me $16.58 in advertising expenses to sell each book.


But why would I do that?


It’s pretty simple.


Because I want to create a brilliant impression on you so that one day you might do business with me again.


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So I’m taking a calculated risk that you’ll enjoy this book so much, you’ll ask to try other trainings and services I offer.


Fairly straight forward really. 


And even though you’re paying a crazy low price, you’re still protected by…

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Ed Tyson


Founder of The Institute of 3D Printing, Filaments & Author of The Ultimate Beginners Guide To 3D Printing 


P.S - Just skipped to the end (like me) and want the summary? Here’s the deal: 

I’m giving you a concise 71 page book that breaks down the exact 3D printing processes to get amazing quality and reliable prints that me and my team have used over the last 5 years to personally assist nearly 2000 people.


And you just pay $4.80


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